Before QWERTY and After



オペレーターやタイピストからクイックは失せたか? Slow or calmed down operators?





Slowed down sequential movement of adjacent typebars.

If manuscript reading, then the typebasket restriction might be.

If speaking by only their own tangs at the time in ad-live, then it might not.

Tang or mouth might have the restriction of not to speak bad and not to chose like tongue twister  but smooth tongue, though.

The age of people living not to collide typebars.

The era of tamed people avoiding collision of typebars with living to chose keyboard wording ways.

A hundred years of Westerners writing with typewriter of manual operation.

Their keyboard wordings were filtered to go out though the typebaskets not to collide.



Bukowski could write (faster? maybe or) quicker than typewriter could, and could write on electric and Mac on and on.

Until Bukowski's wild heart tamed calm.

And then, the typewriter kept running for a while.

And later, electric introduced.

Or later, his IIsi brought him to the Mac or PC stage of poet..

Don't hurry, be happy. When you operate typebars sequencialy especialy in adjacent.

Don't hurry, be happy.

Don't too quick

Don't too rapid

And cope with the risks of adjacent typebars’ collisions each other.

The world without rapidity or quickness of series of words' appearance.

Visible and accessible to typebars made user people participate in better performance of typing.

Visible and accessible to typebars made people users possible to participate in better performance of typing.

How to cope with the risks of the typebar collisions.

Slow and calmed down operators in front-striking era. or How to relate well to risks.

Slow and calmed down operators after front-striking era.

As Stickney proposed in his patents of US676208 or US889344, the risk to collide typebars each other was increased in change from up-strike to front-strike.

But the direction and the stream to change from up- to front- did not change and continued.

Without Stickney's patents of these execution.

Why? Visible, yes. But besides..

It was said. To strike keys in rapid one after another , would make collision or lead to the jamming together of typebars.

So why they do not jam so badly in front-strike era?

Because typist became slow.

Slow against quick or harry haste or rapid.

Even pacing.

Even if the typing speed is fast, if the interval of sequential keying is kept enough, typebars do not collide.

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